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Major Causes of Food Waste by Darren Dohme

Major Causes of Food Waste by Darren Dohme

According to Darren Dohme’s research, nearly 40% of the food produced in the United States goes to waste. That’s a lot of food! And it’s not just produce that gets wasted – grocery stores and restaurants also discard food that has passed its expiration date or isn’t sold. So what are the major causes of food waste, and what can we do to combat them? Keep reading to find out!

Darren Dohme’s Guide on Why Food Goes to Waste

Food is Left to Rot

One of the main causes of food waste is that food is left to rot in the fields. Farmers may leave fruits and vegetables to rot because they are unable to sell them before they go bad or because they are too damaged to sell.

In other cases, supermarkets may reject shipments of perfectly good produce because it doesn’t meet their aesthetic standards. According to Darren Dohme’s research, billions of pounds of food are wasted each year, contributing to environmental pollution and damaging the economy.

There are a number of ways to reduce food waste, including donating surplus food to charity, composting organic waste, and educating consumers about the issue.

There Is a Drop in Demand

As the population grows and incomes rise, people are increasingly looking for convenience foods that are easy to prepare and consume.

This has led to a decline in the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, which often require more time and effort to prepare. As a result, farmers are left with surplus crops that they cannot sell, and these end up being wasted.

In addition, the declining demand for fresh food has also increased food prices, making it even more difficult for people on low incomes to access healthy and affordable food. As a result, the combination of declining demand and rising food prices is one of the main causes of food waste.

Food Is Damaged During Shipping

When fruits and vegetables are packaged for shipment, they are often put in very fragile containers. If these containers are damaged during transit, the contents can be ruined.

In addition, produce that is shipped long distances is often subject to bruising and other forms of damage.

As a result, much of the food that arrives at its destination is already spoiled. Shipping damage is a major contributor to food waste, and it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Food Is Graded Out at Packhouses

Products that don’t meet cosmetic standards are typically graded out, regardless of whether they are still edible. This can lead to huge amounts of perfectly good food being sent to landfill, where it decomposes and emits greenhouse gases.

To reduce food waste, some companies are exploring alternative grading systems that focus on quality rather than appearance.

Others are working with retailers to create new standards that take into account the range of shapes and sizes that fruits and vegetables come in. Darren Dohme believes that by changing how we grade food, we can make a dent in the waste generated each year.

Darren Dohme’s Final Thoughts

Darren Dohme has given us a comprehensive list of the major causes of food waste. While this information is helpful, it would be more beneficial to see what we can do as individuals and businesses to combat food waste.